Considerations for Chromatographic Method Development and Validation 

Thursday, October 20th  | 11 am CDT

In this interesting and informative 50 minute webinar, attendees will learn about technical, instrument, regulatory considerations for chromatographic method feasibility, development, optimization, verification, validation also method transfer considerations.   Instrument platforms including GCFID, GCECD, GCTCD, GCMS(MS), HPLC, UPLC, LCMSMS, an array of LC detectors (UV-Vis, RI, PDAD, ELSD, Fluorescence, MS/MS, Orbi-Trap, QTOF, many others) will be explained using actual case studies and examples that attendees can learn from Eurofins top scientists.  

What you will learn during the presentation: 

  • Steps to think about when creating a new method.
  • How to approach method development.
  • Regulatory Considerations for FSMA, ISO, GMP, GFSI, International Standards
  • Overview of GC, LC platforms, detectors and criteria for selecting the best option based on matrix, test requirements
  • Actual Case Studies that illustrate portfolio of instruments, detectors and a few tips, tricks, lessons learned for each case study


Dr. Jamie Willems, Ph.D.,

Specialty Analysis Supervisor at Eurofins SF Analytical Laboratories


Lily Zehfus, M.S,

Scientist II at Eurofins SF Analytical Laboratories

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