Upcoming Webinar

Facing Forward: Clarity on Best Practices for Essential Business in 2021

Thursday, February 25 | 11 am - 12 pm CST

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit last year, workers in manufacturing, retail, and essential businesses didn’t have the option of working from home. Working in these industries, you’re acutely aware that you've had to do the best you can to keep your workplace, community, and yourself safe with the continuously emerging knowledge, all while remaining profitable.

In partnership with Cornerstone Government Affairs, this free webinar by Eurofins serves to demonstrate how it’s possible to function with increased safety – without leaving the health of your personnel and your bottom line up to chance.

If you’re like most people tasked with COVID-19 control, you are not an expert on managing infectious diseases and you don’t have an epidemiologist on staff. Join our free webinar to learn how you can protect workers and avoid a shutdown.

Key webinar takeaways:

  • Considerations for creating a testing program
  • COVID-19 testing methods and modalities for employees
  • Proactive solutions for monitoring COVID-19 spread
  • Real-life case studies on outbreak management and mismanagement

This webinar will conclude with a live Q&A session. Get answers to your questions!


Webinar Speakers

Jeff Oliva
COVID Collection Services Specialist
Eurofins Clinical Diagnostics

Senator Karina Villa
Illinois District 25


Who should attend?

  • Plant management, human resources, safety, and operations departments
  • Manufacturing, retail, essential businesses
  • Anyone invested in the safety of their workplace during the pandemic


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